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Section 1 - Jazz Chords

Lesson 1 - Introducing Some Jazz Chords - Part 1
Lesson 2 - Introducing Some Jazz Chords - Part 2
Lesson 3 - Tritone Substitutes
Lesson 4 - Tritone Substitutes in a 12 Bar Blues
Lesson 5 - Turnarounds
Lesson 6 - Major Chord Substitutes

Section 2 - Jazz Soloing

Lesson 1 - Arpeggios
Lesson 2 - Using Arpeggios in a Blues
Lesson 3 - Using Arpeggios over Minor Chords
Lesson 4 - Diminished 7th Arpeggios
Lesson 5 - Diminished 7th Arpeggios over Dominant Chords
Lesson 6 - Arpeggios over a Minor Blues
Lesson 7 - Lower Auxiliary Notes
Lesson 8 - Upper Auxiliary Notes

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Your Jazz Guitar Questions Answered

Here are a number of articles written in response to questions sent in by readers:

Lesson - Gypsy Jazz Guitar Chords and Arpeggios
Lesson - Melodic, Harmonic and Dorian Minor Scales
Lesson - Gypsy Jazz Guitar Left Hand Fingering
Lesson - Voice Leading in Jazz Chord Progressions

NEW! - More Jazz Guitar Questions and Answers

This feature has proved very popular, so here's a brand new batch of answers to questions sent in by readers over the past months. Hope you find them helpful. Oh, and we hope you like the new website colour scheme, too!

Q1 - Arpeggios for jazz soloing, and diminished 7th substitutions
Q2 - Playing guitar along with modern jazz pianists
Q3 - Memorizing licks - by finger pattern or by sound?

Q4 - Using shell chords in a Blues
Q5 - More about shell chords
Q6 - Right hand fingerpicking styles
Q7 - Gypsy Jazz Guitar right hand position
Q8 - Dominant 7ths and diminished chords for soloing
Q9 - Mixing arpeggios and scales when soloing
Q10 - Improvising over Reinhardt's 'Daphne' - cycle of 4ths sequences
Q11 - Developing sight reading skills on the guitar
Q12 - Difference between major and minor scales

And even more jazz questions and answers...

Q1 - Upper and Lower Auxiliary Notes in Soloing Lesson 8
Q2 - Gypsy jazz guitar right hand picking
Q3 - Gypsy jazz guitar - right hand speed

Q4 - Dominant 7th and tonic chords
Q5 - Arpeggios on altered dominant chords
Q6 - Are modes appropriate in jazz?
Q7 - Diminished chords and arpeggios in a Blues
Q8 - Soloing over 11ths and altered dominant chords

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Section 3 - Jazz Scales - Coming eventually!

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