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Tony now has a separate website for his solo fingerstyle guitar work. Click here to listen to some solo guitar soundclips

Tony Oreshko Trio
You can hear samples of Tony's jazz band and his classical guitar playing by clicking on any of the soundclips Speaker icon below. You can also rate the music at the bottom of the page!


This section of the site is an archive of older or more obscure recordings of Tony's jazz guitar playing. The classical guitar soundclips are further down the page. These are all in MP3 format and free to download for your personal use.

Listen to Swing 42 MP3 Swing 42    

This extract is taken from the CD In Cahoots that was recorded live at the 2007 Keswick Jazz Festival with John Hallam on saxophone.

Listen to Avalon MP3 Avalon    

Here's a track taken from a live minidisc recording made at Keswick Jazz Festival in May 2006. It features violinist Bob Clarke playing with the Tony Oreshko Trio, and was the first time Bob had played with the band. Listen to this and you'll understand why Stephane Grappelly used to listen to Bob back in the 1950s.

Listen to Soline MP3 Soline
This number is a very gentle waltz called Soline, and was the title track of a CD made with Dave Lunniss is on rhythm guitar way back in 1998. It was engineered by Pete Turner at Woodshed Studios in Cornwall.

Listen to Swingin' Down the Aisle MP3 Swingin' Down the

These next four tracks are from a recording that was never on general release. A London-based composer named Johnny McLain decided to commission a recording of half a dozen of his tunes, done in the Hot Club style. Tony was invited to play guitar on the recording session along with Steve Elsworth on violin, Pete Finch on rhythm guitar and Tony Bevir on double bass.

Listen to Sleepy Serenade MP3 Sleepy Serenade
As the title suggests, this is a rather dreamy tune.

Listen to Nonsense Song 1 MP3 The Nonsense Song 1
The Nonsense song is a lighthearted composition. This excerpt is especially for any violin fans out there.

Listen to Nonsense Song 2 MP3 The Nonsense Song 2
This version of the Nonsense Song has the guitar solo. All of these last four tunes were recorded in Bristol on 7th July 2004, and are copyright Johnny McLain©.

Listen to Waltz MP3 Waltz played by Marc Hothan    

This recording is a waltz composed by Tony but played by guitarist Marc Hothan from Germany. Marc enjoyed the original version of the tune and was inspired to record his own individual take with an unnamed rhythm guitarist. He forwarded his version to us, not intending it to be shared online as he felt it had a few flaws. However, Marc was persuaded that it would be great to let everyone hear his version as it has many qualities. It's always a great honour for a musician to know someone else is interested in playing one of their compositions, so many thanks to Marc for this.


Although first and foremost a jazz guitarist, Tony does play other styles of music. Here are some short excerpts of solo classical guitar pieces in MP3 format.

Listen to Guimaraes, Sounds of Bells Sounds of Bells
Here is the opening section from a delightful piece by the Brazilian guitar composer Joao Guimaraes (1883-1947), also known as Pernambuco. The bell-like sounds are created using natural harmonics. These are produced by lightly touching the guitar strings with the left hand at certain resonant points on the instrument rather than pressing the strings down firmly. The right hand plucks the notes as normal.  

Listen to Bach Gavotte en Rondeau MP3 Gavotte en Rondeau
This extract is from a piece by the towering musical genius, J.S. Bach. It comes from the E major Partita, BWV 1006, originally written for solo violin.

Listen to Bach Gavotte MP3 Gavotte
As well as suites (or partitas) for unaccompanied violin and 'cello Bach also wrote suites for the lute, although much of the music is the same, only re-arranged for the different instrument. This is one of a pair of Gavottes from Bach's Lute Suite no. 3 in G minor, BWV 995, which corresponds with the 5th 'cello suite in Cm. The guitar transcription is in Am.

Listen to Weiss Balletto MP3 Balletto
This piece was originally thought to have been written by a lutenist and composer named Silvius Leopold Weiss, who lived around the same time as Bach. However, it turns out to be a spoof written by the 20th century composer Manuel Ponce. Either way, it's a hauntingly beautiful melody.

Bach, 1st Cello Suite, BWV 1007

Listen to Bach Prelude MP3 Prelude
Here are some more pieces by J.S. Bach, taken from the suite in G major, BWV 1007, originally written for unaccompanied 'cello. The Prelude is the first movement from the suite, which is transposed to D major for the guitar.

Listen to Bach Allemande MP3 Allemande
The Allemande is the second movement from the same Bach suite as the Prelude above. The 'cello suites consist of a number of pieces based on old dance forms such as the minuet and the jig (or gigue), but Bach extended these way beyond their original role as dance music. The word 'allemande' comes from the French name for Germany, allemagne, as it was supposedly based on dance styles popular in this country.

Listen to Bach Courante MP3 Courante
This Courante by Bach is from the same G major 'cello suite as the two pieces above. The courante was originally a lively dance involving much hopping and jumping. The word relates to the French verb courir, which means 'to run', but in this piece the running is interpreted as more like a liquid running or flowing (rather than a sprint!).

Bach BWV1007 Minuet 1 MP3 Minuet I

Bach BWV1007 Minuet 2 MP3 Minuet II
Here are the two Minuets from the same Bach 'cello suite BWV1007 as the pieces above. These are in contrasting keys - D major and D minor - and the first Minuet would be played again after the second. You can hear a simpler version of this second minuet on the classical guitar page of this website.

Bach BWV1007 Gigue MP3 Gigue

The gigue (also called giga or jig) was a lively dance, usually in 6/8 time or some other compound time. It was the most common form for the last movement of a Baroque suite. This Gigue is the piece that concludes Bach's 'cello suite BWV1007.

Bach 3rd Cello Suite BWV 1009

Bach Prelude BVW1009 MP3 Prelude

Bach Allemande BWV1009 MP3 Allemande

Bach Allemande BWV1009 MP3 Allemande (cont.)

Bach Courante BWV 1009 MP3 Courante

Bach Courante BWV 1009, Pt. 2 MP3 Courante (cont.)

Bach Bourree I BWV 1009 MP3 Bourree I

Bach Bourree II BWV 1009 MP3 Bourree II

Bach Gigue BWV 1009 MP3 Gigue

Here is some more music from another Bach suite written originally for solo 'cello and transcribed for guitar. I have a particular affection for this music as these are the first pieces I played by Bach when I was a teenager discovering classical guitar.

The suite is not quite complete. The Prelude and the Gigue are only short extracts that fade out part way through. There's also a Sarabande to add before the two Bourrees, as soon as I find the time to record this piece.

There is now a page of resources specially for classical guitar with links to free sheet music including some grade exam pieces, and lots more classical guitar MP3s of easier pieces from the student repertoire.


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