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Jazz Guitar MP3 Soundclips:

            Swing 42 MP3
            Avalon MP3
            Billets Doux MP3
            La Bikina MP3
            Nonsense Song Violin MP3
            Nonsense Song Guitar MP3
            Sleepy Serenade MP3
            Soline MP3
            Swingin' down the Aisle MP3

Classical Guitar MP3 Soundclips:

            Guimaraes, Sounds of Bells MP3
            J.S. Bach, Gavotte en Rondeau MP3
            J.S. Bach, Gavotte MP3
            Weiss, Balletto MP3

            J.S. Bach 1st Cello Suite MP3s:
                  Minuet I
                  Minuet II

            J.S. Bach 3rd Cello Suite MP3s:
                  Allemande (cont)
                  Courante (cont)
                  Bourree I
                  Bourree II

            More Classical Guitar MP3 Soundclips...

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Lessons Lesson 1 - Jazz Chords - Part 1
Lesson 2 - Jazz Chords - Part 2
Lesson 3 - Tritone Substitutes
Lesson 4 - Tritone Substitutes in a Blues
Lesson 5 - Turnarounds
Lesson 6 - Major Chord Substitutes

Lesson 1 Soloing - Arpeggios
Lesson 2 Soloing - Arpeggios in a Blues
Lesson 3 Soloing - Arpeggios on Minor Chords
Lesson 4 Soloing - Diminished 7th Arpeggios
Lesson 5 Soloing - 7b9 Sounds
Lesson 6 Soloing - Arpeggios in a Minor Blues
Lesson 7 Soloing - Lower Auxiliary Notes
Lesson 8 Soloing - Upper Auxiliary Notes

Answers to your Jazz Guitar Questions:

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Chords and Arpeggios
Harmonic, Melodic and Dorian Scales
Gypsy Jazz Left Hand Technique
Jazz Guitar Chord Voicings

More Answers to your Jazz Guitar Questions:

Arpeggios for jazz soloing, and diminished 7th substitutions
Playing guitar along with modern jazz pianists
Memorizing licks - by finger pattern or by sound?
Using shell chords in a Blues
More about shell chords
Right hand fingerpicking styles
Gypsy Jazz Guitar right hand position
Dominant 7ths and diminished chords for soloing
Mixing arpeggios and scales when soloing
Improvising over Reinhardt's 'Daphne'
Developing sight reading skills on the guitar
Difference between major and minor scales

Even more Answers to your Jazz Guitar Questions:

Upper and Lower Auxiliary Notes in Soloing Lesson 8
Gypsy jazz guitar right hand picking
Gypsy jazz guitar - right hand speed

Dominant 7th and tonic chords
Arpeggios on altered dominant chords
Are modes appropriate in jazz?
Diminished chords and arpeggios in a Blues
Soloing over 11ths and altered dominant chords

Classical Free Grade Exam Sheet Music:
                Grade 1: Giuliani, Allegro A minor
                Grade 2: Gaspar Sanz, Rujero
                Grade 2: Bach, Bourree BWV1010
                Grade 3: Sor Op 44 No 6
                Grade 4: Carcassi Study No 7
                Grade 5: Sor Op 44 No 19
                Grade 6: Bach Bourree BWV 996

            Other Free Classical Guitar Music:
                Carulli, Andante in A minor pt 1
                Carulli, Andante in A minor pt 2
                Aguado, Valse in G
                Giuliani, Andante in C

Classical Guitar MP3s (easy pieces):

Rujero, Gaspar Sanz
Minuet 1, from Anna Magdalene Notenbuch
Minuet 2, from Anna Magdalene Notenbuch
Menuet, J.S. Bach
Valse, D. Aguado
Gavotte, J.S. Bach
Andante part 1, Carulli
Andante part 2, Carulli
Andante in C major, Giuliani

Classical Guitar MP3s (Noad book):

Etude, Carulli
Allegretto, Frederick Noad
Sarabande, Robert de Visee
Canary Jig, Gaspar Sanz
Minuet, Henry Purcell
The Harmonious Blacksmith Theme, Handel
Minuet, G.P. Telemann
Bouree, J.S. Bach
Bouree, Robert de Visee


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